AIVAR Metaland

Welcome to AIVAR Metaland: here you will be able to experience new activities and live within a Community of people eager to take full advantage of the innovations brought by Web 3.0 technology and digital Metaverses.

What to do in
AIVAR Metaland

The choice is yours and yours only: ​​right now you can only book the number of Lands you want, and in September you will be able to choose the spot, after knowing all the evaluation parameters.

In AIVAR Metaland you will have several ways to conduct your business: such as playing Play-to-earn Games, including the VAFFA Cosmo Game. But above all, you will be able to set up an NFT Store, which is available to every Land owner. Its size - and therefore its development - will obviously be proportional to those of your total plot of land.

Social Commerce

You will also be able to develop an intense SOCIAL COMMERCE activity, with a great benefit: getting a cash back of a large part of the previous month's expenditure.
One factor that differentiate us, is our shared commerce formula: and you yourself will be the protagonist and beneficiary of this!

And it is not over yet

In the Metaland, you will also have the opportunity to become a virtual Real Estate Operator, showing dream homes and properties to anyone interested. And you too can choose your personal dream home.

All of this is just a small part of what you will find in AIVAR Metaland: it was created to make you love life and the people who share it with you!

Finding at any time the right space to have fun, to make new friends, to learn, or to live experiences that you have never imagined before.


63-66 Hatton Garden
London, England, EC1N 8LE
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